Editorial Board

    prof. dr hab. Andrzej Rachuba
    dr hab. prof. UW Piotr Węcowski

    dr hab. prof. UMK Marcin Hlebionek
    prof. dr hab. Adrian Jusupović
    dr hab. prof. UJ Marek D. Kowalski
    dr Marta Piber-Zbieranowska
    dr hab. Marek Słoń
    dr hab. prof. UwS Maria Starnawska
    dr hab. Joanna Szady

Assistant Editor*:
    dr Hanna Rajfura

Editorial Assistant
dr Michał Słomski

Language editor:
    Grażyna Waluga

The periodical “Studia Źródłoznawcze” has been published by the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences since 1957. The journal was established by the community of medievalists from Poznań and Warsaw, and for many years it was edited and published both in Poznań and Warsaw. The first Editorial Committee included Aleksander Gieysztor, Gerard Labuda, and Brygida Kürbis, who initially was assistant editor, and from the publication of the second volume (1958) was the Committee member. For a long time – from vol. 2 (1958) to vol. 31 (1987) – it was Ryszard Walczak (d. 1989), who was editorial assistant to the Editorial Committee. The double volume 32–33 for the year 1990 was edited and prepared for publication by him, and his deputy was Danuta Zydorek. Next, the post of editorial assistant was taken up by Tomasz Jasiński (vol. 34 –1993), then by Danuta Zydorek (vol. 35 – 1994, and vol. 36 – 1997).

In 1969 (vol. 14), the Editorial Committee was joined by Ireneusz Ihnatowicz. Volumes 19 and 20 for the years 1974 and 1976 were prepared and edited by the Committee with a new member in the person of Emanuel Rostworowski. In 1976 (vol. 21), the Committee was also joined by Ryszard Kiersnowski (to vol. 32 of 1990), and in 1990 – by Maria Koczerska, Stefan K. Kuczyński and Józef Szymański.

Since 2000 (vol. 37), the Journal has been published in Warsaw. At that time, the Editorial Board included: Zbigniew Dalewski, Maria Koczerska (editor), Stefan. K. Kuczyński (editor), and Marek Słoń (assistant editor, vols 37–46 – 2000–2009). In 2001 (vol. 39), the Board was joined by Maria Starnawska, in 2009 (vol. 47) by Piotr Węcowski. In 2009 and 2011–2012 (vols 47, 49–50), the post of assistant editor was held by Anna Salina. In 2011 (vol. 49), the Editorial Board was joined by Andrzej Rachuba (editor), in 2012 (vol. 50) by Marek D. Kowalski, and in 2016 (vol. 54) by Marcin Hlebionek. In 2016 (vol. 54) Jacek Adamczyk was the Journal’s assistant editor, while in 2010 (vol. 48), 2013–2015 and 2017–2019 (vols 51–53 and 55–57) it was Marta Piber-Zbieranowska who in 2020 joined the Editorial Board. In 2013–2022 (vols 51–60), the function of editorial assistant has been performed by Rafał Rutkowski. Since vol. 58 (2020) Piotr Węcowski is the second editor-in-chief (replacing Maria Koczerska), and the position of the board’s secretary is held by Hanna Rajfura. In 2021 (vol. 59), the Editorial Board was joined by Joanna Szady, and in 2024 (vol. 62) by Adrian Jusupović. Since that year, the function of editorial assistant is performed by Michał Słomski.

At present, the post of editor-in-chief is jointly held by Prof. Andrzej Rachuba (Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences) and Dr. hab. prof. UW Piotr Węcowski (Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw).

* The Assistant Editor is authorised to sign the accounts to work contracts on behalf of the periodical.